If you are interested in donating door prizes or items for goody bags, please contact Lauren Meher at the Louisiana Sheriffs’ Association (LSA) office at 225.383.2871 prior to the conference.

We are in need of the following:

 Door prizes for the President’s / Vendors’ Reception and Meetings: Throughout the conference, we give away door prizes at meetings, the ladies luncheon, and the President's and Vendors Reception. This is an excellent opportunity to give away door prizes from your company. We ask that you attach a business card including your company name, so you can be recognized when the door prize is given. Door prizes may be given to any LSA Staff member at the conference.

 Goody Bags: We are in need of your goodies! Pencils, pens, note pads, hats, koozies, etc. Basically, anything that we can put in goody bags that might have your name or logo on it to help promote your business or company.


 We also have  CORPORATE SPONSORSHIPS available. This is an opportunity to have your company recognized as a supporter of Louisiana’s law enforcement. Please contact Lauren Meher, at 225.383.2871 if you are interested in becoming one of our contributors.